Private Cloud

End-to-End Cloud Services that go beyond the Data center

Smart Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud solutions, known as 'Smart Cloud', are all about accountability. We don’t just give you a bunch of infrastructure that meets an SLA. We deliver the whole package, and we make sure it does what you need.

Private Cloud Solutions

We are experts in delivering solutions that are fully integrated across all our Private Cloud, Maintenance and Support services.

We’ll help design your solution and be accountable for it meeting your needs. Our design services span the full range of IT infrastructure and are not limited to the data center.

Secure, Flexible, Scalable

  • None of your data is offshore as we host from USA data centers
  • We provide flexible software licensing and deployment options
  • We have capacity that is instantly scalable to meet almost any new hosting requirement

Faster Performance

Achieve faster network performance. As an MPLS provider, we can connect your office to our Managed Cloud with a point to point network link, providing complete control and direct access to your Smart Cloud infrastructure. Our modular cloud components also have much lower contention levels than those available from public cloud providers, meaning an overall vastly superior solution.

Cloud Control

  • Customise Quality of Service (QoS) profiles to different requirements.
  • Suitable managed telephony, VOIP, and unified communications
  • Centrally managed firewall and proxy for your corporate network
  • High speed effective off-site backups

Advanced Technology

Our Smart Cloud is built with small, flexible, server and storage modules that are joined and configured to meet your requirements on-demand.

This provides a much lower level of contention than multi-tenanted systems and a greater ability to customise.

Virtualisation and Connectivity

  • Access to Virtualisation management consoles, unlike Public Cloud
  • Connect SmartCloud components with your infrastructure, PABX or other DC infrastructure
  • Flexible LAN addressing, operating systems and Virtual Host configuration
  • Choice of backup or replication tools to maximise your existing investment
  • Smarter Private Cloud

  • Talk with us about a flexible, cost-effective Private Cloud solution.